My Take

My Take

So, welcome to the 1 millionth reiteration of my website, Well its not really the 1 millionth, closer to the 7th, but 1 million sounds so much better, doesn’t it? This time around, the website is about Faith, Freedom, Diabetes, and BBS’s.   


I have been a born again Christian for many years. I have been to many different Churches over the years. I currently go to North Boulevard Church of Christ, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 


I enjoy my freedoms, and I support the second amendment, Right to Life, and I am a voting Republican. I carry a firearm, and have a concealed carry permit. I will not, however, entertain any political discussions on this site. They get way to heated!


I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008. Ironically, right after I quit smoking after 30 years. My struggle with diabetes is a real struggle. My A1C is 7.9. I currently have an insulin pump called V-Go, which gets changed every 24 hours,  and I have a CGM called Freestyle Libre. I also take a shot once per week, among assorted oral medications.


BBS’s represent my hobbies. Not totally BBS’s, athough, I do have a bbs called TAK Software, where I develop software for a legacy product called Winserver. My other hobbies include shooting guns, pistols, mostly, making coin rings and other coin jewelry, and streaming gaming on Twitch.

…So this covers what this site will be about, and the content I will address. Thank you for your attention.


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