As of this page update, I am 53 years old. For the past 6 years, I have been the equipment mechanic for a Public Golf Course in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Before that I was the Irrigation Technician for 17 years. I have worked here for 23 years now.


I have had type 2 diabetes since 2008. Looking back on the time that has passed, I guess I have not taken it seriously that I have a disease that could cause me to loose my limbs, eyes, or even my life. I try to limit carbs, stay away from sweets, eat less fried foods, etc. But now in 2017, my glucose numbers are out of control, and it’s not because I am doing anything differently. It seems as though my medications don’t seem to work anymore.

Well I had an A1c done, and the results were 10.4. My primary care physician referred me to an endocrinologist. I was prescribed insulin medication that comes in a pen, and I have to inject it into my stomach region, just once a day. I can see my numbers coming down slowly, which is what I’m told is what we want to happen.

[Diabetes Update]

Jump ahead to 2019, I use a disposable insulin pump called V-Go. I also use a device called Freestyle Libre. It’s a sensor with a tiny wire that goes inside my arm, and constantly monitors my glucose. I can use the Libre Reader or my iPhone 8 to read the sensor. This has been a God Send! My A1C is under 6, and my numbers are under better control. I also take 1 weekly shot in my stomach, called Ozempic.

Enough about the depressing things…


First and foremost,  I am a Born again follower of Christ. He is coming back soon! I struggle with devoting my time to reading the Bible, and having a strong relationship with him. But I DO KNOW, that when my time comes, I am promised a place in Heaven.


Some of the other things I enjoy to do… Not in any order.

  • Handguns
  • Camping
  • Making Paracord Bracelets
  • Playing Simulation Games
  • Playing Guitar and Bass Guitar
  • Playing Ukulele
  • Making Websites
  • Creating Videos
  • Making things with wood
  • Fixing computers
  • Streaming on Twitch.Tv
  • Essential Oils and their healing properties!
  • Writing Mobile Applications
  • Programming

I’m sure I could name off tons of others things, but these seem to be the main interests. If any of these things interest you as well, connect up with me on social media! It’s good to have others with the same passions.