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I support the constitution of the United States, I support the 2nd Amendment, and I have a carry permit to conceal a weapon, which I do! I am a Patriot of the United States! I believe in God, I believe that he sent his son to this earth to become our savior. I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am and AMERICAN!

Where did the camping stuff go?

If you are here looking for the camping blog, I have given it, it’s own domain name. We have named it ScampingUSA! Since we want to go camping out west, calling the blog, Scamping Tennessee just didn’t seem to fit…. Continue Reading →

Missing Bible Verses

Missing Bible verses… wait! Wut? The unthinkable is happening, and its happening right under our noses! If you use a Bible App, such as YouVersion, or The Olive Tree Bible Study App, You need to check your Bible versions in… Continue Reading →

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