This blog is new, brand new. In fact I set it up just yesterday (4/28/2021). The articles here were written by me previously on my “Scamping Tennessee” blog at That blog is back as my personal blog, and all the camping stuff moved here. So please, bookmark this site, and return often to see the new articles we write, and the new adventures we take.

Our home base is Middle Tennessee, near Nashville. Until we retire, God willing, in 5 short years, we will be traveling to state parks in our home state. There are 56 in all, but 33 with RV camping. Sorry but I have to have my electricity, and water hookups! Right now, RV spots average $25-$35 a night with hookups. And since our scamp doesn’t have a bathroom, we have to be close to a restroom and shower house. We cannot go days without a shower. We just can’t.

So for now, we will travel Tennessee. But after we retire, we want to take our scamp out west, to the National Parks, like Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain, oh the list goes on! That will be a trip of a lifetime! And its on my bucket list.

Until Next Time,
Keep the campfire going…

…Thomas & Wendy

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