So we headed back to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee for another camping adventure at the David Crockett State Park. It was a lot busier than it was in April. A Lot! They cracked down on the check-in time of 3pm. We couldn’t go to spot 86 until 3 pm. We arrived about 1:20ish. I asked what are we supposed to do? I was advised go to the restaurant and have some lunch. I was also advised if I wanted to, I could un-hitch and discover the park.  Well, I wasn’t leaving the marshmallow unattended, so we had lunch, and a nap. We were parked in the shade, and got out our Anti-Gravity lawn chairs and relaxed.

I just love the relaxed feeling you get while camping. No worries of work, or the hustle and bustle of the city. Just you and nature. It’s a calming, relaxed, feeling. That feeling is addictive, and I cannot wait until we can experience it again in the fall.

At 3pm, we headed to campground 2, spot 86. It took a bit longer to setup this time around. We had the bug netting that went inside the 10×10′ popup tent. Plus we figured out it was going to be very stuffy in the camper and I was going to have to put in the AC unit we had brought. Well, we couldn’t get it to fit into the window well, and we’re worried it might fall in on us, since it was over the bed. We cannot have that! So off to Walmart we went. We bought the smallest, cheapest window AC unit we could find. We found a Media 5000 BTU unit for $134. It cools up to 500 Square feet. We have 60…. needless to say it was like the arctic circle in the little scamp, and it was NICE! I love it cold when sleeping… My wife, Wendy, not so much.

All Backed in spot 86, Campground 2.

All Backed in spot 86, Campground 2.

Once we got all setup, it was time to relax. I’m thinking we had hot dogs and chips for supper, but I’m not even 100% sure. Since it was so hot, we decided against a campfire, and we cooked on the Coleman propane stove and cast iron skillet, outside the camper.  We don’t use the 2 burner stove inside the camper, and we’re discussing removing it all together, to give us more, much needed counter space.

Saturday, I was up early, around 4:20am. My iPhone XS MAX was working well, and I had 2 bars of LTE signal. I was able to watch videos on Facebook, and I even managed to setup an Instagram account for ScampingUSA. One thing I do not understand, our iPhones with Verizon service, worked well in the mornings, and evenings, but during the day, I couldn’t even send a text message. We had to drive out of the park to get cell signal. This is CELL SIGNAL, not WIFI! Why!?! Why would it work in the dark hours, but not during the daylight? This makes no sense, if you are a Verizon engineer please let me know why this is!

At 10am we had a TTA hike to attend. More on that in another post!

Once we learned what was available in Lawrenceburg, we seemed to get there quite a few times… I forgot to bring butter, so off to Kroger we went. We may, or may not have picked up some wine coolers, while we were there.

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