The year of my scamp is unknown at this point. I believe it’s an early 90’s model, when I get to put my eyes on it again, I will look it up from the VIN. But it was originally purchased by my brother in law, Greg. He used it as an office and took it to FL and TN when my nieces were little. Eventually he sold it to my Mom and Dad, who kept it for several years, and then, passed it on to me. Along with the van that I towed it with. My parents are VERY good to me!

Eventually, the years (and trees!) took its toll on what my family dubbed as the “Marshmallow”.

The fiberglass got this black stuff all over it making it look horrible.

I put it into a 10×20′ storage locker hoping to protect it from any more damage. After 2 years and when that got too costly, I moved it to a barn at my mother-in-laws farm. I really appreciate that she let’s us keep it there.

Now it’s October of 2020, and its time to clean up the the old Marshmallow to put it away for the winter, and get ready for some spring camping.

This is how she looked when we started to clean her up. My brother-in-law helped me clean it with his pressure washer. Here is a galley of the photos I took while we were cleaning her up.



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